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    We have obtained certifications in various fields for our high-quality services and environment-friendly management.


    All the directors and employees of Dong-A Publishing consider environmental impact as their top priority in decision making. Based on our environment management system, we make every effort to meet our customer satisfaction goals in the environmental protection area through an “organic” system of cross-functional cooperation among Sales, Production, and Administration as well as top management’s drive to achieve the goals. All of us do our best for continuous improvement and accident prevention in our respective fields.

    Having obtained a leading certification (ISO 14001), we will continue to develop, maintain, improve, and innovate our environmental management system.
    Furthermore, we contribute to environmental protection with our efforts to reduce wastes, collect different types of wastes separately, and reuse recyclables.

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    OHSAS/KOSHA 18001

    The Occupational Safety and Health Management System aims to prevent industrial accidents and create a pleasant work environment. To this end, preventive measures and targets for maintaining and promoting workers’ safety and health are defined under the system. Then, organizations, roles and responsibilities, and procedures are defined to achieve the goals, and physical and human resources also are allocated efficiently for the purpose. All of these activities are systematically managed.

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    Evergreen Environmental Certification for Business

    Ansan City is the first local government in Korea to enforce an environmental certification program to turn itself into a city of climate protection at the forefront of the Green Revolution. “Evergreen 21 Environmental Certification” is a green gas reduction program initiated as a reaction to climate change. Homes, schools, service providers, public organizations and businesses within the jurisdiction of Ansan City are certified as Yellow, Blue or Green Level, depending on the extent of green gas reduction and environmental improvements implemented, and various incentives are granted according to certified levels.

    • Evergreen Environmental Certification for Business Pic 3

    G7 Master

    It is a certificate for printing quality awarded by IDEAlliance, a non-profit membership organization based in the United States. The certification, which is based on ISO 12647, is a standardization methodology designed to maintain consistency in the quality of printed matter by adjusting gray balance and tone reproduction in the printed matter through colorimetric quality control.

    • G7 Master Pic 1


    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) awards the Chain of Custody certificate after assessing all the processes, including the processing and distribution value chain. A system of Chain of Custody certification monitors forest products throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to labeled products.

    Background of Forest Product Certification

    Growing populations, poverty, and lack of institutional capacity and programs have led to indiscriminate development without regard to environmental impact, leading to conversion of forests to building lots and farmland, overgrazing, illegal logging, environmental pollution, and forest fires. Between 2000 and 2005, 7.3 million hectares of forest area was lost around the world every year (FAO statistics on the annual average net loss).

    • - Climatic change and global warming
    • - Reduction of biological diversity
    • - desertification

    Recognizing a Crisis and Searching International Solutions

    • - 1992 Earth Summit: Statement of Principles on Forests and Agenda 21
    • - 2002: Earth Summit on Sustainable Development
    • - Efforts to develop principles and standards for sustainable forest
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    Soy Ink

    The development of soy ink started in 1979 under the leadership of what they now call the Newspaper Association of America, who was looking for an alternative to the petroleum-based ink. It is eco-friendly ink made of less toxic substances and also has lower dependence on oil than regular ink.

    Due to the following eco-friendly advantages, using soy ink has become increasingly common in advanced countries.
    Dong-A Publishing Printing obtained the certificate of the Soy Seal Mark from the American Soybean Association.


    • - Low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and its usage can reduce emissions causing air pollution
    • - It uses less liquids, helping to reduce environmental pollution
    • - It is removed more effectively during de-inking, again helping to reduce environmental pollution
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