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    EHS(Environment, Health, Safety) Management is the business philosophy to put emphasis on People and Environment.
    Dong-A Publishing Printing makes leading and vigorous efforts to create a clean and pleasant living environment.

    Environmental Policy

    We laid out our EHS policy to continuously improve the environmental impact and safety risk of our products, services and activities. To this end, we comply with the following standards:

    EHS Management System

    To minimize EHS impact from any activities, products and services originating from our business sites, we have built an EHS management system and we have been operating it effectively.

    Continuous EHS Improvement

    We pursue continuous EHS improvement to prevent environmental pollution and reduce risks through identification of environmental aspects, risk evaluation, and EHS technology development.

    Minimize Pollutant Emissions and Prevent Accidents

    We make great efforts to minimize emissions of pollutants and prevent accidents by minimizing energy and resource consumption and improving overall processes.

    Legal Compliance

    We comply with relevant EHS laws, regulations and guidelines at home and abroad.

    Open EHS Management

    We provide the entire management and workforce with education and training to comply with the EHS management system. We also fulfill our duty of transparent management and our social responsibility by disclosing our EHS performance to the stakeholders.