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| Dong-A Publishing Printing

Doosan Dong-A is awarded the first prize at the Best Practice Idea Contest.

Doosan Dong-A was awarded the first prize at the 2012 Best Practice Idea Awards Ceremony, which was held in the Ansan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) on December 17. The company received the prize for its proposal to “achieve cost savings by improving ways of gathering folded sheets for the web-fed offset press.”

Since improving the method of gathering folded paper for the offset press, Doosan Dong-A has witnessed savings in paper and ink as well as improvements in productivity. This improvement led to KRW 467 million in annual cost savings. The new method cuts down on the lead time it takes to accelerate to normal speed, from initial operation to focusing to folded paper gathering, thus reducing loss in printed matter by more than 70% compared with the old practice. The company is highly acclaimed for this.

The Ansan Factory of Doosan Dong-A has achieved ISO 14001 (2004), OHSAS/KOSHA18001, and Evergreen 21 Environmental Certification through its continuous efforts to become more environment-friendly and to standardize the printing process by using “eco-friendly soy ink” and “FSC paper”. It also has pursued standardization in all printing-related processes including paper, ink, printing pressure, and printing color control. The company now has both the *G7 Master and G7 Expert/PCC Expert certificates, which are awarded to a printing company and a professional, respectively.

Kim Seong-Yeob, Ansan Factory Manager of Doosan Dong-A Printing, says, “The award is yet another sign of recognition for our factory’s superior technology and skills. We will make sure that our factory will grow as the best printing factory in Korea by developing higher-level printing technology and eco-friendly practices.”

The “Best Practice Idea Contest” hosted by the Ansan CCI asked each of the entrants to enter one idea for best practices in various areas including management improvement, cost savings, and process improvement, which could be benchmarked by other companies. Doosan Dong-A and six other entrants were honored with prizes.

* G7 certification: Awarded by IDEAlliance, an American organization, based on the standards developed by the International Standardization Organization (ISO). G7, which was started in 2006, is a proof-to-print process control method.

* G7: A new calibration method that supports the GRACoL7 specifications. The “G” refers to calibrating gray values, while the “7” refers to the seven primary color values of ISO 12647-2 printing: Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), Black (K), Red (M+Y), Green (C+&) and Blue (C+M).