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| Dong-A Publishing Printing

Doosan Dong-A Printing holds an accident-free operations resolution rally.

On July 9, Doosan Dong-A Printing held an “Accident-Free Operations Resolution Rally” to enhance safety awareness and create a pleasant work environment.

Vice President Seong Nak-Yang kicked off the rally by declaring his strong will for EHS management, saying “I will not trade our safety for anything else.” After that, Flagbearer Lim Ki-Jun, a labor representative, read a written statement of accident prevention resolution. Vice Chairman James Bemowski sent a congratulatory message for the certification of achieving 1 Multiple for Accident-Free Days, as defined by the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA). All the directors and employees as well as suppliers attending the rally shared the true meaning of EHS management.

Doosan Dong-A Printing has already achieved 3 Multiples for Accident-Free Days before its spin-off in October 2008. In 2010, the company declared the year as a new first year for accident-free operations and aims to accomplish 2 Multiples by integrating and constructing its systems to be internationally certified (OHSAS/KOSHA18001) and by having labor and management carrying out accident prevention efforts together. It is also planning various activities to turn an accident-free business site into a reality by selecting the following initiatives as its core projects: compliance with basic EHS principles; construction of global EHS standards; accident prevention and health promotion; and strengthening EHS capabilities.