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Doosan Dong-A Scholarship Awards Ceremony for 2010

On Tuesday, December 9, 2010, the 2010 Doosan Dong-A Scholarship Awards Ceremony was held in the auditorium on the 4th floor of the Seoul Bukbu District Office of Education.

The ceremony started in 2005, awarding the scholarship to elementary students under the jurisdiction of the Nambu District Office of Education. It has been held every year ever since, in the order of Seobu, Dongjak, Seongbuk and Jungbu District Offices of Education in Seoul. It was for elementary students under the Bukbu District Office of Education this year.

This year, 50 elementary students received KRW 500,000 each in scholarship, together with a scholarship certificate, as is the case with the past years. The Doosan Dong-A Scholarship has the more significance and value because it comes from a fund raised by the directors and employees who voluntarily contribute a certain amount from their salaries and wages every month (In addition to the monetary award, Doosan Dong-A scholarship recipients will also receive reference books published by the company, free of charge, until they graduate from high school.)

This year, Doosan Dong-A signed an “agreement on selecting recipients and awarding scholarships” with the Superintendent of the Seoul Bukbu District Office of Education. The Superintendent attended this year’s ceremony, adding significance to the event as well as Doosan's commitment to social responsibility in the direction of helping talented people develop their potential and independence.

All of us at Doosan Dong-A will continue to open our hearts and contribute to more meaningful pursuits.