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Doosan Dong-A holds Doosan Way workshops from Monday, December 11 till Tuesday, December 12.

1. Elements of the Doosan Way

● Doosan Credo representing core values
- The Doosan Credo consists of nine core values that Doosan pursues.

● Doosan People living up to the Credo (six traits of Doosan People)
- Doosan people keep the Credo in their hearts and put it into practice.

● Foundations for nurturing Doosan People and practicing the Doosan Way
- Fundamental competitiveness
- Advanced and scientific ways of doing business

2. Purposes of Taking the Doosan Way

● If a global company would move in one direction and grow continuously, all of its members with diverse backgrounds and scattered around the world need to share unified values and mindsets under one umbrella.

● To go beyond its history of 100 years and embark on another journey to success, Doosan Group needs to identify and affirm its capabilities for success that have accumulated over the past years and to expand and roll them out across the Group.

● A company will see the value of its existence grow higher when its members find the meaning of life inside the company and move forward step by step toward their future.