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    Dong-A Publishing Printing is a leader in printing culture that works to realize the dreams and future of customers.

    Customers are our teachers.

    Our survival as a business depends on whether we can satisfy our customers. Therefore, customers should be considered as the yardstick for all and any business decisions that we make, regardless of our functions or positions. “What do they want, and what don’t they want?” “What are their needs and how are those needs changing?” “How can we meet their needs?” We should keep asking ourselves these questions and find answers from our customers. We should always give the highest value to customer satisfaction.

    Quality is our pride.

    Our products can be the source of our pride only when we can guarantee top quality at all times. This requires aggressive technology investment and thorough quality control. Thorough quality control means going beyond technical quality assurance and catering exhaustively to the tastes of consumers, which will ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

    Innovation is our life.

    This is about embedding innovation in every aspect of our daily life to meet customer needs as well as technological and environmental requirements that are constantly changing. In order to provide our customers with the greatest satisfaction at all times, all of us at Dong-A Publishing should constantly renew our efforts to deliver quality, because the best that customers want always comes tomorrow, that is, in the future.

    People are our greatest asset.

    After all, it is people that produce the best quality and satisfy customers. The Company cannot reach these goals and cannot grow and develop unless its employees are not willing or able to do so. For this reason, the management should keep it in mind that our talented and dedicated employees are a priceless asset, and they should be committed to inspiring them to perform and helping them develop their capabilities.

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    • A leader in printing culture who realizes the dreams and future of customers
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